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Thank you University of Nottingham (with overlay1) copyThe Heart of Heritage project tells the research story of Nottingham’s Historic Industries and the Debbie Bryan Archive.

October 2014: Debbie Bryan and HoH project manager Katie Mckeag present to Matt Davies and the UoN volunteers.

At this introductory meeting The University of Nottingham HoH volunteers established their specific roles; research, documentation, digitization and photography as well as selecting their specialist area of interest.

Meet the team and follow their blog: Digital Dialogues

Archaeology undergraduate Eleri Davies selected Punch Cards and Lace Blueprints, read her research here: ‘Jacquards’ curated by Eleri Davies, ‘Nottingham Lace’ curated by Eleri Davies
Digital Humanities Centre manager Matt Davies
DHC Research Associate and volunteer co-coordinator Harriet Davis
English degree candidate Kelly Grimshaw selected Magic Lantern Slides, read her research here: ‘Magic Lantern Slides’ curated by Kelly Grimshaw
History of Art degree candidate Emerald Miles selected Magic Lantern Slides
History PhD candidate Caterina Moruzzi and Philosophy PhD candidate Laura Di Stefano foresaw blogging and were the copywriters for the project
Archaeology undergraduate Philip Rawlinson selected Draughtsman’s Drawings 

Heritage Highlight:For blog post copy Kelly and Matt revealed a mysterious figure while digitizing the Magic Lantern Slide collection.
Do you recognize this place? Get in touch!

February 2015: Meeting at the shop for Tea Room Tactics
Over tea and cake, the HoH team took the opportunity to see the stunning archive in situ as well as discuss the project and their research successes so far. The team then selected their next collection to research and digitize.

“The project has been really enjoyable, something new. It’s allowed me to apply and use my skills in the real world. It’s nice to see a product rather than just a process.” – Kelly.

Work in Progress: Kelly, below left, digitizes the collection of Magic Lantern slides, Philip, below middle, experiments to capture the scale of the Draughtsman’s Drawings.

Project Process copy

Save the Date: Heritage Open Days 10th – 13th September 2015
Debbie and Katie propose the idea of introducing the HoH volunteer’s research to a wider audience during the annual nationwide heritage festival.

Heritage Open Days celebrates England’s fantastic histories, architecture and cultures. The team are penciled in to share their work on Friday the 11th of September. Follow the Twitter tag #HeartofHeritage for updates.

Read the volunteer’s research here:
‘Jacquards’ curated by Eleri Davies
‘Nottingham Lace’ curated by Eleri Davies
‘Magic Lantern Slides’ curated by Kelly Grimshaw

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